5 Things I Do For Self Care

I was recently asked at work to create a list of 5-6 things that I do for myself as part of a self-care initiative. When I was first asked the question my mind immediately began racing with a list of things that I do, but then I realized that they weren’t actually things that I did for ME. They were things that still benefited others and in the end weren’t really focused on my own self-care.

Before I had children I would take time for myself when needed and find ways to relax and do something that made me happy. Now that I have children there are plenty of things that I can do to relax and that make me happy- I just don’t have the time. So how do you find time for self care when you have a busy life and finding the time seems really hard? Below are some things that I’ve been doing for myself that don’t take much time, improve my overall well-being and mood, and allow me to treat myself every now and then.

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1. Hot bath (20 minutes)
I really enjoy taking the time to soak in a hot bath and just relax. I have been taking time on Sundays when my husband is home and can help me watch the girls. I go all out and pamper myself with a delicious smelling bath bomb (these are some of my favorites!) and use my favorite body wash. 20 minutes is ideal for me because any longer and I start to get too hot and uncomfortable. And, the added bonus is that my oldest is only a year and a half so most of the time I just plop her in the tub with me when I’m finishing up and give her a bath- 1 less thing on my to do list!

I really love these bath bombs because they are BIG! I like to sit and watch them swirl in the tub as they dissolve in the water and imagine that they are taking my problems with them.

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2. Writing (30-90 minutes)
Now it’s no secret that I LOVE writing! You wouldn’t have this fabulous blog post to read if I didn’t! I try to pre-plan my ideas of what I want to write about and take notes as ideas come to mind. I have a journal that is specifically for blogging and I write all of my ideas, blog topics, blog names, etc. in it. If and when I get the girls down for nap (if they both go down around the same time) or after they are down for the night, I’ll allow myself anywhere from 30-90 minutes to write. It’s such a stress reliever for me and allows me to clear my head, which then allows me a more peaceful nights sleep. Journaling is a fantastic option as well!

I really love the journal shown below, "Her greatest power is believing in herself". If that's not motivation to feel like a bad ass when writing then I don't know what is!
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3. Reading (30-90 minutes)
When I’m not writing, I love to read a good book. Sometimes I get too engaged with the book and find it hard to get to a stopping point but it’s worth it! Who needs sleep when you can stay up all night reading the naughty romance escapades of fictional characters without responsibilities? Reading is a great way to relax and allow yourself to drift off into another place for a short period of time.

I really like the Kindle Paperwhite because it is WATERPROOF (hello reading in the bath!) and has an adjustable screen to make it easier on your eyes while reading in different lighting.
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4. Parafin Wax Manicure (15-20 minutes)
A few years ago for Christmas I asked for (and received) the best gift I could give to my hands! I found this parafin wax warmer on Amazon and I love it! You dip your hands, cover them with the gloves they provide, and let them sit for 15-20 minutes while your hands soak in the moisture. After your done and you’ve removed the wax, follow up with a moisturizing lotion to lock in the moisture. *Don’t use unless there is another adult present that can tend to the children as you will have hot wax on your hands. Also check with your physician before using to make sure you are okay to use it, the wax can get very hot for some people.

The Aveno creamy moisturizing oil is another fabulous way to pamper yourself afterwards and lock in moisture, leaving hands soft and smooth.
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5. Massage (20-30 minutes)
My husband bought this massager years ago and I have secretly (or not so secretly) stolen it and claimed it as my own. My shoulders and back constantly hurt me and I have a hard time finding the time to use the massager to relieve some of the tension. After days of it building up I’ll start noticing signs of tension headaches or migraines and have no choice but to try to work the muscles. I found that 20-30 minutes of massage a day helps tremendously as it doesn’t allow things to build up and escalate. I try to wait until the evenings when my husband is home and can help with the girls (without a doubt, the second you find the right spot, your child will do something that you have to get up for and you’ll lose the spot) so I can really focus on the spots that I need to work.

This massager is one of the best ones that I've used. It has the option for heat or no heat, and has 4 balls that rotate which allows it to cover more area. What I really love is that I can plug it in, relax on the couch, and I don't have to do anything. It does it all for me!
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I hope you find the time for some self care this week and that you are able to try to make it part of a weekly routine. We have to take care of ourselves so we can be at our best to take care of others, especially our sweet little children.


Herah O. said…
These are really great self care tips, especially love the writing one!
Vanessa said…
I recently rediscovered bath bombs, so relaxing!
These are great self care ideas, thank you!
My favorite is a long hot bath.
Heather said…
Oooh, a nice bath sounds great right now! I love to set aside "me" time to write and read a good novel. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
Tisha said…
These are great self care ideas!!! I think my biggest challenge is not so much what to do but is priotizing the time to do it! It's very important for moms!

Jenn said…
I need to write some self care reminders down. I seem to always forget about myself. Thanks for the reminder.
Katie Frazier said…
I write and I also knit! Mommies need this time for sure! Moms invest so much in the people around them that we need some me time
beautyfoodymom said…
Very nice I try to once a month which is not enough